Char•rette [shuh-retn an intense, collaborative design process.

Etymology: small cart pushed around by professors at the École des Beaux-Arts in France to collect the final artwork by art and architecture students who were often in a frantic rush to finish.

About the Urban Charrette

Mission Statement: The Urban Charrette is a Tampa-based non-profit organization that educates and collaborates with community, business, government, and educational leaders, cultivating knowledge of leading urban design practices to build vibrant cities.

We are a private, not-for-profit organization whose primary goal is to educate citizens on the importance of quality urban design in shaping more beautiful, sustainable, and authentic cities.  We host educational forums and consensus building workshops incorporating meaningful and broad-based public participation.   Founded in Tampa, the Urban Charrette believes in leading by example to develop a more socially, economically and sustainable local environment that addresses the needs of young professionals, children, families, and the aging.

The organization is guided by a dedicated Board of Directors and supported with an energetic team of Agents.  We have a large following of local and national supporters who are integral in all that we do. Together, we are working to improve the level of design in communities to enrich the quality of life and define a sense of place.

photo courtesy of stehlik photography, © 2010.